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 Freediving Certification AIDA

          Introduction to Freediving  - AIDA 1

Price €140

Duration up to 2 days

Contents: Breathing cycle for freediving,


Safety basics,

Freediving disciplines.


1 theoretical session,

1 Practice session in the pool,

1 Practical session at sea.

Dive to -10m?!?!


AIDA 1.jpg

     Freediver - AIDA 2

Price €260

Duration up to 3 days

Contents: Breathing Cycle for Freediving,

Notions of Physiology for Freediving,

Valsalva EQ and Frenzel Initiation with EQ tool,

Diving techniques,

Freediving safety,

Equipment to use,

Freediving disciplines.

2 theoretical sessions,

2 Practice sessions in the pool,

3 Practical sessions  at sea.

...It can reach -20m in 3 days...

Insurance available for underwater activities DAN Europe

AIDA 2.jpg

Advanced Freediver - AIDA 3 

       (Only available for Certified AIDA2 Freedivers or equivalent)

Price €320

Duration up to 4 days

Content: Physiology for Freediving,

Frenzel EQ,

Barotraumas and Pressure Effects,


Hypoxia and Blackout,

Training concepts,

MDR - Mammalian dive response

3 Theory sessions,

2 Practice sessions in the pool,

4 Practical sessions at sea.


Have you ever thought about reaching - 30 m and having an apnea of 2 minutes and 45 seconds?

Insurance available for underwater activities DAN Europe

AIDA 3.jpg

AIDA Monofin Freediver
This speciality is now a reality!
Over 2 dias with 4 pool sessions, you will learn how does your body react and efectively learn how to move with the proper Monofin swimming technic.
In order to engage this course you must be a certified AIDA1 ou AIDA 2 Pool.
We provide all equipment but the monofin, so you must bring yours.
Includes a theory exam

Course cost 160€


Survival Course for Wave Sports


New to our Centre, this training lasts up to 5 days.

Its objective is to familiarize practitioners of the so-called wave sports and any other sportsmen of nautical activities to be able to develop their survival skills at sea or in any other aquatic environment, when caught in a situation that puts them unexpectedly submerged, so that they can to have the coldness of thoughts, to remain calm, that allows them to avoid an aggravated situation of risk in a state of panic.

Lasting up to 5 days, it includes a theoretical component, stretching and breathing session, 4 pool sessions and 1 sea session.

Held with groups of 4 to 8 people.

Price: 140 €

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