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  • Snorkeling

    Saída de Snorkeling pela costa ou junto a esta com apoio de embarcação. Não inclui equipamento (+10€).

  • Sessões em piscina

    Com a duração de 1 ou 2 horas deverá solicitar a sua reserva por forma a poder ser confirmada com a piscina. Valor por hora, não inclui equipamento (+10€).

  • Fun dives com Seascooter

    Saída de mar para pura diversão e exploração com a ajuda de uma seascooter, uma forma avançada de snorkeling

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  • Services | Águas Vivas

    Freediving em Vila Nova de Milfontes -Portugal AIDA Freediving Courses From Initiation to Advanced, we have the program for you. Ask for more information and start enjoying all the hiden beauty under the ocean. Learn a proper breathing technique, how to equalize, develop your finning and duck dive, discover yourself... Open Water Session - Depth training Book your session and refresh or improve your techniques in a friendly environment session. Fun dives with a seascooter How about a purely fun session with the help of a seascooter? Spearfishing Session by boat Ever tried spearfishing? SURF SURVIVAL Survival Course for Wave Sports In this fun & challenging course you can develop your skills regarding CO2 tolerance, keep calm in stress situations, train how to overcome the "Washing Machine" difficulties and assume protection positions. On-line shop With us you can aquire some of the best products in the market for freediving and spearfishing.

  • Spearfishing Gallery | Águas Vivas

    Spearfishing photo and video gallery with our customers

  • Indoor & Outdoor Training | Águas Vivas

    Regular Training & Introduction to the Aquatic Environment Águas Vivas is committed to publicizing, captivating and developing the safe practice of Freediving and providing conditions for new adepts and practitioners. Regular Indoor Training We will start at the Odemira´s Council Swimming Pool, regular sessions. Tuesdays and Thursdays 19H30 to 20H30. For legal reasons all athletes must be registered at FPAS Information and Registration Open Water sessions Apart from Freediving Courses we also develop open water sessions for depth training or just fun dives Information and Registration

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